Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Before I start this (what I hope to be) long list of examples of WOBB, I should mention that I'm gonna do my best not to divulge any information about what company I'm working for. Here's how much I'll reveal:

Big manufacturing company, as in multi-national big, 50000+ employees, most of which (as you might expect) in sales & marketing. Lots of quality management and quality control, and quality systems. And to make sure everybody knows what they have to do: a huge selection of internal guidelines, policies, SOPs, rutines, forms and miscellaneous other documents (just in the dept I work for currently >2000! There are 15 docs just talking about how to handle the electronic document management system in which all of them are safely tucked away).

I contribute hapily to this WOBB management system as a project manager working for quality management system on a combined CIP and E&E project... (for those of you not at home in WOBB acronyms, see next blog entry...)

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