Monday, November 14, 2005

A Brave New World

I recently changed jobbs again, or well not so recently it's been allmost 4 months now.

Am now working for Process Research & Development trying to spend a shit load of the companies money on fancy new equipment (and a nice coloured floor with matching tiles on the walls)

A week or so ago an internal memo, which is published on the intranet, comes out about how the SET (OK for newbies to WOBB: Senior Executive Team, the suits way above the suits that sit upstairs from you right now) wants to present a new initiative that is going to make the whole R&D organisation a more focussed unit with a clear vision of the future... ah you get the picture.

We used to try and work according to something called "best practise". This basically means that within a large organisation you set up "best practise" groups which figure out what the best way of working is based on what everybody does today.

All very nice, but the SET thought this just wasn't good enough... so they come up with the new credo "New Practise", oh how novell...

Gone are the days of best ways of working, welcome to the era of new ways of working. Forget what you used to do, and find a new of doing it instead... allrightee, thank god for that, so now I can do everything the way I want to, and forget all the halv-assed solutions others have thought up before me. Brilliant! Thanks SET!

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